Nádia Duvall, n.86 is the Luso-Algerian origin and from an early age, his identity and biography became the core of his work.
Duvall graduated in Fine Arts (Painting) from College of Arts and Design (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal) in 2008 and is currently in the Master of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts (Lisbon, Portugal) ending in 2017.
Duvall has already held several solos and collective exhibitions (Berlin, Porto Santo, Builgária,Madrid and Italy).
In 2008 she was awarded the BANIF PAINTING REVELATION prize, chaired by important critics and art historians. In 2010 she was awarded the Award of Ciência Viva and the General Directorate of Arts (Portugal) where she developed her idea of SKINS and membranes of ink produced inside swimming pools (called the WOMB) and which are the basis of all of her work since 2005. In 2016 the artist wins the scholarship/Prize Young Creators of the National Center for Culture (Portugal) with the project of Mental-Prosthetics (TITHEMI). Also in the same year, she is one of those selected for the Paula Rego Award, culminating with an exhibition at the Casa das Histórias Museum, Cascais. On 2017 the performance “The process” (online) is selected for the Festival of Performance SOFIA UNDERGROUND in Bulgária. Also in 2017 the artist was selected for the festival LUMINA (Portugal).
The Skin, the Feminine, the Eroticism, the Heteronomy, the Woman, God, Life and Death are some of the themes that pursue his work from the video, performance, drawing, installation, ready-made and photography, merging in a sublime hybridism.
Duvall's studio in Lisbon is designated THE CAVE ( inspired in the allegory of the Cave of Platão) and is open to the public sporadically Because the artist considers the studio as her work in constant work in progress and silent witness of our history, war, pain and philosophy.